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Previously Loved Machines

Read information about our policy on used machines and trade-ins.

At the Heart of Quilting does purchase used machines and takes used machines on trade-ins. Decisions to acquire machines is made on a case-by-case basis. Here is a list of basic requirements to meet before we can consider a system and make a proposal on value.

1) Due to the fact that we plan to resell the machines and warranty them for a year, the quoted trade price will be based on wholesale value of the system. Many factors go into determining the proposed offer therefore, no two systems are necessarily quoted at the same dollar amount.

2) We must receive digital photos of the head, stand, and accessories - as well as the serial number before a determination and/or quote can be made. Email this information to

3) At the Heart of Quilting reserves the right to decline any machine for any reason.

4) Under the same stipulations, we may accept used machines on trade-in for the purchase of new systems.

5) The customer is responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of the information given. If this information is found to be inaccurate, ATHOQ reserves the right to decline the offer - even at the time we physically acquire the machine.

6) At the Heart of Quilting will assist you in selling your Gammill machine for a 10% commission. We will help facilitate details of the sale and the move within the Midwest. However, ATHOQ will not warranty these private sales.

Delivery Fees
Freehand, Vision Retrofits and Breeze Retrofits - $1,000.00
Statler Stitchers and Statler Stitcher Retrofits - $1,300.00

For more information on one of these machines or to purchase one please call our toll free number 877-633-3537

2016 18-8 Vision 2.0
12' table with plain leaders
extra pantographs
$7,999.00 + tax/delivery/setup


2019 Optimum (30" throat) Statler Stitcher
12' table with zippered leaders, castors
Controller MOD G2 and Windows 10 Computer
3 year warranty on Electrical, 2 year warranty in shop labor
$32,999.00 + tax/delivery/setup

2004 Classic Plus w/ 2016 Statler Stitcher Retro-fit

12' Table
Zippered Leaders
Bobbin Winder
Cutting Mat
Spare Parts and Notions
$18,000 (Buyer is responsible for moving)

2011 18-8 Vision
12' table with Breeze track system and zippered leaders
Quilters Eye Camera
Stand Alone Bobbin Winder
$5,595.00 (Buyer is responsible for moving)

2001 26-10 Classic Plus
14' table
Extended throat plate, 18 bobbins, gam guide and jr rulers, 8 quilt clamps, box of pins
Maintenance and technical manuals, package of needles, oil bottle and pantographs
$5,850.00 (Buyer is responsible for moving)

2008 Premier Plus
10' Table
51 cones of thread, bobbins, bobbin winder, pantographs, 
3-4' cabinets, 2 shelves, 1 storage bin
$3,000.00 (Buyer is responsible for moving)

Used 14' Light Bar
$450.00 (sorry we can not ship light bars)

Used Hydraulics -(2 for old style G1 tables)


5' or 6' Home Pro Table
These tables would be great in your second home to work on small projects.

$600.00 each